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By definition, a semi-detached home is a family home that has a shared wall with the neighbouring home. Hence, although this might seem to affect privacy, you will be surprised to know the many benefits of owning a semi-detached home in Toronto. One of the major advantages of purchasing a semi-detached home is its low cost. These sorts of homes are generally economical in comparison to detached homes with similar location and quality because of sharing the lot with another house and hence there is a significant decrement in the price. The duplication of the same house in addition to sharing the space allows the builder to save up on construction costs and as a consequence falls cheaper for the buyer. Furthermore, semi-detached houses also have the same network of amenities including sewage, electricity and water. This further helps the builder to cut down on costs and allows the price of the house to further drop. Once you become the owner of the house, you continue to cut down on maintenance costs since you have the option to splits the costs with your neighbour because of the shared lot. This way you are never burdened too much with the maintenance costs. And lastly, you will always have neighbours around and although this might seem like an invasion of privacy there are many benefits to this as well. Having neighbours next door means that you will always have someone to ask for help if needed. When going on a vacation you will always be relieved knowing that your neighbours are keeping an eye on your property while you are away. This is particularly beneficial for pet owners as they would have the luxury of getting a helping hand from their neighbours while they are on vacation.

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