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Toronto has transitioned into its prime years recently, demonstrating a huge spike in high-rise structures and luxury condominiums. This idea has taken root in the recent past only, with the advent of urbanization and the increase in the city-dwelling population which led to the rise in demand for accommodation. Our previous generations placed more value on the site of a property, its square miles and wider space, whereas now the focus has shifted to the quality of lifestyle. A high-rise is essentially defined as any structure that has more height than width, or any building with more than 11 storeys. These types of installations are preferable for those buyers looking for pre-construction properties as it takes a longer duration to finish, giving the buyers ample decision-making time to come to a conclusion. High-rise condos also offer a larger number of facilities and amenities to users, not to mention the spectacular views that come with them. It’s no wonder that buyers gravitate towards the added benefits such as room service, fitness centers, yoga rooms and spa facilities. Keeping in mind all these factors now is the optimum time to invest in this opportunity, as this Toronto real estate market is only expected to go upwards with time.

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