Whitby is a charming town in Ontario, Canada, located just east of Toronto. With a population of over 136,000 people, it offers a unique blend of small-town charm and modern amenities. Whitby features a vibrant downtown area, ample recreational facilities, and a rich cultural history.

Why Invest in whitby Real Estate?

Whitby is a vibrant town located in the Durham region of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). It’s commonly referred to as the “bedroom community” because most residents here tend to travel to other parts of the GTA to work. Therefore, it’s regarded as one of the best family-friendly neighborhoods due to its tranquil environment as a result of minimal industrial and commercial activities.

Whitby’s calm environment and its strategic waterfront location have motivated the local municipal council to rejuvenate Port Whitby with a modern urban landscape. Such developments are adding tremendous value to Whitby real estate market and many investors are viewing it as the next frontier in new real estate developments.

According to the latest population demographics, Whitby town has been recording a steady increase in population growth and the current estimate is 142,607. Moving forward, this number is projected to reach around 193,000 by the year 2031. The majority of the working class in Whitby town are high-income earners with an average median income of $115,053.

Although Whitby town is considered a bedroom community, there are various businesses and institutions that undertake commercial activities and service delivery to residents thus, creating employment opportunities for a sizable percentage of residents here. The current redevelopment that is taking place around Port Whitby as well as along Brock Street is also expected to increase more commercial and investment activities and more job opportunities to the tune of 3,790 will be created by the year 2031. To achieve all these development milestones, real estate developers are expected to play a big role as demand for new housing such as condominiums and townhouses will rise as the population grows.

The town of Whitby is situated between the towns of Ajax and Oshawa and the three towns contribute significantly to the economy of the Durham region. By the year 2017, the projected population of the Durham region was 682,378 and this number is estimated to grow to 934,187 by the year 2041. The projected high population represents a good opportunity to invest in new condominiums and upcoming pre-construction condo projects in Whitby town as the demand for housing is going to increase in the future.

Residents of Whitby can easily access 401 Expressway as it’s located nearby. The Town of Whitby has a rich history which can be seen through the many historical buildings which date back to the days when the natural port on Lake Ontario and its Marina started to be operational. The urban center of Whitby town is located on the northern side of Lake Ontario specifically along Brock Street. New condominium developments are also coming up in the remote areas of the town creating more livable space to accommodate the ever-growing population. Since the majority of the population are working class and young couples, Whitby town presents a great opportunity to invest in pre-construction condominiums as the demand for better and modern housing will remain high. 

Accessibility of Whitby Town

Whitby town is strategically located along the charming Lake Ontario Waterfront and this gives it a competitive advantage when it comes to access to better transport infrastructure. Residents of Whitby can easily access highway 401 which passes through South Whitby or connect through Highway 407 along the Brooklin District which is also nearby. Connecting from Whitby to Oshawa is also easy as there are many alternative driving routes spread across the different neighborhoods in Whitby.

The Lakeshore West Go Rail Line also enables residents and visitors of Whitby to connect to other parts of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with ease. The current Durham public transport system is under review by Metrolinx to come up with additional public transportation alternatives to ensure traffic flows smoothly without any traffic congestion.

Those residents who prefer to use public buses are also catered for through the vibrant Mass Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridor that runs all the way from Oshawa to Whitby and then goes to other regions such as Pickering and Scarborough. With the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, it becomes easy for residents of Whitby to connect to Toronto and other nearby cities.

Average condo prices in Whitby

The real estate market in Whitby town is vibrant and condo prices are among the highest compared to other towns in the Durham region. The average price for a condo in Whitby is $931,863 while per square foot for most pre-construction homes is $680. The resale value for all types of homes is currently estimated to be around $770,831. The average rental rate for condominiums in Whitby is $2,100 and the demand for houses is expected to continue growing as the vacancy rate is about 0.7%. Therefore, Whitby is a great location in Ontario to invest in pre-construction condos as there are many young professionals and young families who want to live in this small town with a natural harbor and magnificent views of Lake Ontario.

Popular Whitby neighborhoods​

The town of Whitby, Ontario has a total of 10 neighborhoods to choose from when buying a new condominium or any other type of home in this charming town. However, some are more popular than others in terms of livability score as well as population size. Below is a list of some of the best neighborhoods in Whitby that are worth considering;

Rolling Acres​

Located in the Central region of Whitby town, Rolling Acres is conveniently positioned in the middle of Highway 401 and Highway 407 making it easily accessible. Important amenities such as schools, shopping centers, walking and cycling trails, and theme parks are in plenty, thus, making it a family-friendly neighborhood.


Williamsburg is closely located near major highways such as Highway 401, Highway 407, and Highway 412, therefore, making it easily accessible from different parts of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).  Schools here have a good reputation when it comes to performance and residents value their residences as demonstrated by how well they take care of their homes and neighborhoods. Other key amenities are easily accessible.


Brooklin is located on the northern side of Whitby town and there is a high number of the population who love living here due to its geographical location, beautiful sceneries, and easy accessibility. Brooklin downtown core is very vibrant and charming.

Taunton North

Taunton North is a new community in Whitby and it has recorded a high number of real estate developments in recent years. There are many new condominiums and other types of homes as well as many upcoming pre-construction condo projects. It’s easily accessible from Highway 401 and Highway 407.

Port Whitby

Port Whitby is situated in the southern part of Whitby town next to Lake Ontario. It has the highest population in Whitby and residents here are very welcoming. Amenities such as schools, hospitals, parks, and road networks are in great condition and you will easily enjoy living in this great neighborhood as it has a great sense of community living.

Employment opportunities in Whitby town?

There are a good number of employers in Whitby town despite its nickname of “bedroom community”. Its closeness to the sea and Toronto makes it an ideal location for logistics, shipping, manufacturing, tourism, and educational businesses. Some of the top employers in Whitby town include; 360Insights, North American Steel, Ball Packing, and ABB Group of Companies.

Other employment opportunities that are easy to get in Whitby are in the sectors such as; sales, retail business and finance, tourism, education, transport, and public administration in various government institutions.

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