The city of Markham which is well known as the High-Tech Capital of Canada and as the Silicon Valley of the North lies to the north of the greater Toronto area. Recently, this city has gained much popularity for its concentration of high-tech companies. There are several highways that connect the city with downtown Toronto, which makes Markham easily accessible. Markham is home to a very diverse population of over 351,000 people with as many as 70% of the population belonging to minorities. As the population flourishes, fortune 500 companies are helping in the economical growth by bringing employment to the region.

Why Invest in Markham Real Estate?

The Downtown Markham project will lead the way to a new image of urban development which will bring new office buildings and commercial buildings along with high-rise condominiums and townhomes, transforming this city into one of the most desirable regions in the Greater Toronto Area. This city is rich with new facilities, various housing options, and outstanding educational institutions. As the population grows, there are many new condo developments in Markham and more housing options have become available. There are many benefits to living in Markham including easy access to many shopping centres, public transport, various career options, and city amenities. Highway 7, 404, and 407 allow easy access to other areas of the Greater Toronto area through the city of Markham. Furthermore, through a motorbike, one can arrive in Downtown Toronto in as less as 30 minutes. As if that wasn’t enough, Residents can also benefit from the outstanding transit services run by the York Region Transit. 

Purchasing New Condo Developments in Markham

The Markham real estate market is growing at a fast pace due to several factors including its recognition as one of the leaders in master-planned community building in the country. As far as the development of condos is concerned, Markham is gradually making its way up in the Canadian property sector. Moreover, pre-construction condo developments in the region are thriving and with many people relocating, there is a surge in Markham’s population. Hence, this is the perfect time for investing in a condo in Markham.

Average Prices for Condos in Markham

As per Toronto Regional Real Estate Board statistics, the average price of all types of homes, including new condominiums in Markham, is $1,259,516. This is higher than the average cost for all types of homes in the GTA, which stands at $1,073,104. In 2021, the average selling price for condos in Markham was $679,373, and the average listing days on the market were 14 days. York Region condos sell on average for $656,648, which is lower than Markham condo prices. The average condo price in Markham is still lower than $682,280 in the GTA. Markham condo prices are standard at $673,700, a change of 11.13% from the year before.

Housing Market in Mississauga

Whether you are looking for a townhouse, a detached home, a condo, or even an attractive apartment above a shop, the city offers it all. In Mississauga, around 40% of housing is single detached homes, whereas the remainder is mostly large apartment buildings and townhouses. The city has a fairly good variety of housing size options that range from lofts to four or more bedrooms. A rough estimate of 70% of the locals own their homes and the remaining are renters. Mississauga city did not experience a single building boom and the construction of new houses in Mississauga was spread throughout many decades in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. 

Employment in Markham

If you invest in a new condo development in Markham it will place you in a top-notch community with over 10,840 businesses in the city, and one of the most thriving economies in Ontario. There are over 650 corporate offices in the city, 1,500 technology and life science companies, and 240 foreign companies. Of the 351,000 residents living in Markham, 63.3% of the population are involved in the labour force, with almost 160,000 people employed. The unemployment rate in Markham is at present 7.3%, which is lower than the 8.1% national rate. The top five industries in Markham are real estate, science and technology, retail, manufacturing, and healthcare and social assistance. The mean total income for private households in Markham is $45,184, which is lower than the provincial average of $47,915 and the national average of $47,487. Furthermore, the City of Markham is also home to many big corporations including IBM Canada Ltd., TD Financial Group, Johnson and Johnson Inc., Huawei Technologies Canada Co. LTD, and Aviva Canada.

More about the location

There are many careers, housing, and educational opportunities available in the city. Seneca College Markham Campus which offers both full-time and part-time programs is situated at Highway 404 and Highway 7. Furthermore, the city will also soon welcome the New York university Markham Centre Campus. This project is a collaboration of the City of Markham and York University and it intends to facilitate 4200 in the early stages.


In the city of Markham, you would hardly get bored amongst an array of attractions, dining, arts and culture, parks and trails, and shopping centres. This city hosts many events, including Night it Up and Taste of Asia, to exhibit its multiculturalism. With a new condo in Markham, you could benefit from all of the city’s excellent amenities, including parks and shopping centers. Although Markham is primarily an urban area, the city has made efforts to preserve its natural habitat. Residents can therefore enjoy nature at Milne Dam Conservation Park.


Being at the top of nine municipalities, there are many transit options in Markham town including two major highways passing through the city, Highway 404 and Highway 407, which link to Vaughan, Burlington, and Brampton. By using these highways, Markham residents can travel easily to and from the city. Another option is the Go Transit rail service, which is an excellent way to travel to downtown Toronto or the downtown core for people who depend on public transport. Additionally, Markham Road and Birchmount Road have accessibility to GO transit, and Union Station is also reachable through this service. And last but not the least, the Mount Joy GO train and a bus stop are also nearby. The locals can visit the neighbouring municipalities in the York Region via the York Region Transit. Newmarket Transit, Richmond Hill Transit, Viva Transit, Markham Transit, and Vaughan Transit are the other fastest options to commute to these neighbouring municipalities.

Neighborhoods in Markham

Markham is a city with diverse and distinct neighbourhoods. New condo developments in Markham can be found in the neighborhoods of Unionville, Cathedral town, Wismar, Greensborough, and Berczy Village. Located in the centre of Markham, Unionville is an attractive neighborhood with many shopping centres including shopping plazas and shopping malls, such as CF Markville, parks, schools, and other recreational amenities. Owing to its location Unionville has an added advantage of easy access to highways and public transit such as Highway 7 which runs through Unionville, and the locals can easily access Highway 404 and use the purple line of Viva Transit to commute through the York Region and the GTA. There are also several parks including Toogood Pond Park and Austin Drive Park where the locals can enjoy spending time and making memories with their families.  


To the north of Unionville is the bustling neighbourhood of Berczy Village, which has many opportunities for new condos in Markham. A huge proportion of the homes in the community are detached homes and townhomes. In the centre of the neighbourhood is Berczy Park, where the locals can utilize the picnic areas, sports facilities, and walking trails.


 To the Northeast side of Markham lies the neighbourhood of Cathedral town, a master-planned community with an array of homes, from mid-rise condos to boutique townhomes. By lying directly east of Highway 404, it allows residents easy accessibility to other highways in the 400-series. 


In the neighbourhood of Wismer, which is relatively new, you will find safe roads, an abundance of green space, and the best schools. It has medium-sized detached and semi-detached homes that have huge front yards and backyards. Furthermore, there is a big green space in the center of the neighbourhood where the locals can access splash pads, soccer fields, tennis courts, and picnic areas.


 And last but not least is the neighbourhood of Greensborough, which lies in the northeast end of Markham and offers a diverse range of housing options, comprising low-rise condos, stacked townhomes, and detached homes. Residents also have access to many shopping centres and also to Main Street Markham, where they can visit local retailers and restaurants. So if you are looking for a new condo development in Markham, these neighbourhoods are a perfect place to invest in.

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