Planning To Move To Toronto? Here Is Everything You Need To Know

Are you thinking of moving to Toronto? How does it feel living in Canada’s most prestigious and largest city? We have prepared this information guide to help you understand the most important details about Toronto and why you should consider living in Toronto. With a population of over 3 million people, Toronto is a vibrant city and it’s a fulfilling experience to be a resident of such a big city.

The following are the factors that make moving to Toronto a great move;

It’s a diverse community

Toronto city is one of the most diversified cities in Canada. You will find residents from all walks of life, both Canadian citizens and foreigners. It’s a blend of ethnicities, religions, cultures, and traditions in a welcoming society. You will enjoy tasty cuisines from different restaurants serving foods from cultures including; South American, European, Asian, and Caribbean. There are many cultural events and entertainment joints where you can visit and have fun.

Safety is paramount

Toronto city has a low crime rate and a lot of neighborhoods near Toronto are generally safe.  Compared to living in other cities in Canada, Toronto is much safer. Members of the LGBTQ community can also feel safe living in Toronto as residents are welcoming.

There are many avenues for hobbies and fun activities

If you want to have fun in Toronto, there are unlimited fun zone areas and leisure amenities where you can visit together with family and friends. There are many recreational theme parks, outdoor walking areas, and entertainment joints where you can undertake different fun activities to connect better with friends and family while relaxing and refreshing the environment.

Better healthcare

Residents in Toronto enjoy a robust universal healthcare system where they receive high-quality treatment from the most reputable hospitals irrespective of their culture, religion, age, or financial status.  Whether you are looking for walk-in clinics, rehab centers, sports medicine, or specialists, you can be assured that you will get the best healthcare services in Toronto.

Favorable weather

When you live in Toronto city, you will modestly experience the four seasons. Summers are hot, autumn vibrant, relatively frosty winter, and drenching spring season.  During the spring season, residents enjoy blossoming flowers in green spaces while the summer season is the best time to visit beaches and hotels to swim, sunbathe and enjoy festive seasons. The fall season is the best time for sports and farm harvesting activities such as pumpkins and apple pickings.

A major business hub with many employment opportunities

Toronto city economy contributes a significant portion of Canada’s national economy. Many of the top-rated employers and banks are located in Toronto. In terms of doing business, Toronto is ranked highly in global competitiveness and it’s one of the top destinations for investors. There are many employment opportunities across all sectors including finance, hospitality, education, cinematography, and manufacturing as it is home to some of Canada’s most popular brands as well as many international companies.

Many top learning institutions

Toronto is a hub for higher learning institutions and there are many college and university students in Toronto city. Educational institutions such as The University of Toronto, OCAD University, Toronto Metropolitan University, Centennial College, and George Brown College attract thousands of students both Canadians and foreigners, to move to Toronto. Therefore, there is a high number of youthful population living in Toronto.

Is living in Toronto city expensive?

The cost of living in Toronto city is considerably high. Starting from housing, food, and commuting due to the high population growth.  If you want to cut costs, the best advice is to live in the nearby neighborhoods and suburbs that are easily accessible from Toronto city. The most affordable housing options in Toronto are lofts and condos.

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