Condo Interior Design Ideas That Will Make Your Condo Glow

Have you just made a move into a condo and you want to transform your interiors but wondering where to begin? Relax because we have some of the best condo interior design tips that will make your condo interiors sparkle. Condos come in different designs, sizes, and styles and so do condo interior design ideas. Luckily, there are many condo interior design ideas that can fit every budget and class.
The following are our top condo interior design tips that you can use to transform your condo interiors.

Choosing Condo Interior Colors

Since condos come in different layouts and square footage, it’s not possible to have a universal color scheme that can be used in all condo types. Luckily, we have compiled a list of colors that do well in both high-end and low-light condo interiors. Whether you want a casual or contemporary condo interior, you can definitely get the right interior color choice that will blend well with your furnishings.

  • White– White color is very popular as it makes condo interior walls bright and appears more spacious. If you are planning to sell your condo, you should apply a neutral white painting on the interior walls as most buyers prefer white color.
  • Grey– Grey or silvery interior walls are perfect for contemporary designs. If you are looking for the best color for a luxury condo interior, you can never go wrong with grey.
  • Blush– It provides a feminine touch to give your condo interior walls a fresh touch of elegance and warmth. It blends well with a grey undertone, neutrals, and white color as well.
  • Ochre– If you want your condo living room to look earthly and calm, Ochre is a great color selection. It can blend well with other natural colors such as deep red, soft blue, and green.
  • Sage– It’s a gender-neutral color that is perfect for use in the interiors of both small and bigger condos. The mossy green touch blends seamlessly with both warm and cool themes.
  • Dark blue– Dark blue interior condo walls are great if your condo has a lot of natural light. It also helps your condo appear more spacious.

Interior Design Tips for a Small Condo

Designing the interiors of a small condo is an exciting affair. When the space is small, your interior décor tends to get more visibility. It also becomes easier to combine several interior design décor ideas until you come up with a design that brings out the best your condo has to offer.

Learning small apartment interior décor ideas can help you save time and create the most unique designs. You can maximize space and make your rooms appear bigger in a small condo in the following ways;

  • By zoning and defining rooms– To make the most out of one room, try and zone it so that it can serve different purposes. You can use furniture, rugs, or wall colors to create multiple functional areas such as study areas, dining, and lounge in a single-room condo layout.
  • Capitalize on mirror illusions– Fitting a large mirror in a small condo’s interior walls will create an impression that the house is spacious and bigger. Installing floor-to-ceiling curtains can also do the trick of making your walls appear taller if they are indeed shorter.
  • Go for multi-functional furniture– Selecting furniture that can be modified or easily be moved around your condo unit gives you much flexibility in terms of space. A good choice can be a foldable chair, multi-purpose chair/bed couch, foldable dining table, or a moveable kitchen island. Opting for multi-functional furniture also makes your condo interior design cheaper.
  • Maximize any dead space– Identify those dead spaces in your condo and think of how you can repurpose them. For instance, create additional storage space underneath your bedroom or under the sink in your bathroom. Vertical storage spaces with cabinetry are also great in wall spaces.
  • Identify neutral anchor pieces– Ensure the most conspicuous items in your interior décor remain neutral. Items such as cabinets, sofas, and ceilings should be neutral. For accessories, you can be creative as much as possible to bring out the best design combination.

Living Room Condo Design

With unique interior design creativity, you can easily transform your condo living room. The best starting point is to select your preferred colors for your walls. A light tone is mostly recommended as it makes the room appear spacious and inviting. Going for an eggshell finish will always do the magic.
When furnishing your condo living room, go for the larger items such as a seating coach first. You can pick the multi-functional ones but first ensure that you have taken your living room measurements before purchasing. Spice your living room décor by adding other complementary items such as accent chairs, throw pillows, and decorations

Don’t forget to illuminate the room by adding a layered light and place rugs on the floor to create an inviting environment.

What is layered light?

 The level of light is divided into three categories as follows;
Ambient– This is the general light that is generated in a room. A good example of ambient light is recessed lighting.
Task– The light that illuminates a specific condo area such as a pedant that is fitted above a kitchen island.
Accent– It brings out architectural or decorative features such as artwork

Contemporary Condo Interior Design Ideas

A good contemporary condo interior design features spotless lines, minimalist, fresh plants, and is neatly organized. In addition, a modern condo interior design can also be magnified by adding the following components;

Choose bold colors

In a contemporary condo, go for bold colors such as primary red, blue, and yellow as they are more conspicuous than neutral colors. If you want to create patterns, only use bold colors sparingly for you to maintain the sleek look that defines a modern condo interior.

Large wall arts

Large oversized wall artwork creates a lasting positive impression. The size of your condo interiors should dictate the number of wall art that you should fit. If it’s a small condo, one large wall art is perfect instead of fitting too many small artworks that can make your modern condo appear cluttered.

Keep negative space at maximum

Negative space is the empty space that surrounds your furniture decor. When maximized, it provides space for easier maneuvering around your condo and draws special attention to your furniture. When buying furniture, go for the ones with exposed legs as opposed to those with solid pieces. Transparent furniture and floating shelves can also do the trick of maximizing the negative space.

Interior Design Ideas for Luxury Condos

High-end décor and luxurious finishes are what define luxury condo living.  To create a luxury condo interior design, go for floor-to-ceiling drapes for that magnificent look. Remember to add polished curtain holdback finishes to complete the lavish setup.

For quick-fix lighting solutions, go for accent light fixtures and replace a normal pendant with stylish chandelier lighting. Include ornate mirrors and the latest wallpaper designs. For finishes, go for gold, silver, or crystal finishes to bring out the sumptuousness of luxury condo living. However, be modest when adding your luxurious finishes because overdoing can dilute the luxurious charm.

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